Discovery the Masters Clash Series
Sponsors : Nitro Concepts & MSI
Tournament Heroes of the Storm | 32 teams | ~1800€ gain hardware
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Our Project

This project of ours is a 100% non-profit and associative one intended to create the following competition :
  • An EU tournament with a cash prize of € 5,000, that aims to attract and appeal to the entire European community of Heroes of the Storm.
  • We encourage as many players and teams as possible to take part in this great HOTS party, so therefore, we plan anticipate between 4 to 6 online qualifying weekends.
  • Nothing can replace the magic and atmosphere of a scene! This is why the final phase will be taking place in LAN, in a room with a capacity of +200 places, especially arranged for the occasion.
  • Finally, it comes with the objective of perpetuating the event and the competition through future editions.

In recent weeks, we have worked to reduce the budget of the event with our various partners. Today we can rule that a minimum budget of € 6,000 will be required for this competition to be fully realized.

The breakdown of the budget is as follows :
  • € 5 000 Cash Prize
  • € 1 000 video management and security staff

For this, we are launching a new fundraising campaign (crowdfunding) via PayPal.

If the goal of € 6 000 € is achieved : The budget will be validated, and implementation phase of the project can begin.
If the goal is not achieved : The project will be canceled (early June) and all donors will be fully reimbursed directly by PayPal.
And if the budget is exceeded : The remaining contributions will be directed towards the purchase of accessories for the public, to help the players with their payments, for goodies to be won and an increase of the Cash Prize offered.
Thank you to the city of Bailly Romainvilliers, the urban community Val d'Europe, Omen by HP, Nitro Concepts, France 3 TV, hosts & streamers Malganyr, Halloween & Jabroni, Joyk and Mené, for their support.
Our competition is licensed under Blizzard’s Community Competition License.